Your Story Will Take You Out

We all have our stories. Some of these stories give us strength. Other are draining. Most of them are the later not the former.

Our stories will take us out, if we let them. They will take us out of what we really want in life. They will take us out of the situations that help us to grow. They will come to the fore even faster than we can think. They grow over time and become further entrenched until it is hard to distinguish who we really are from the stories we tell about ourselves.

Our stories ultimately provide our mind with a rationale for why we are not in good physical shape, smart, successful, in a happy relationship, financially secure or otherwise living up to our dreams.

Our stories are a crutch.

Start taking note when you start “explaining” to someone why you aren’t doing something are being in a manner that you know you should be doing/being. Chances are your story is rearing it’s head. The more you can become aware of your stories, the less energy you’ll be feeding to them. The less you feed them, the less of a grip they will eventually hold over you.

Stop watering your plants and they will eventually die. Stop feeding your stories and the same will happen to them.

Once your stories drop away, you’ll be living a life that is authentic, and in tune to the person you really are.

Published by Ravi Raman

Executive Coach + Yogi + Endurance Athlete

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