You Are The Answer

You have the answer.

It is not in a book. It is not in a TV show. It is not in the DVD you just got through the mail from NetFlix. It is not in the lecture you are going to hear from your favorite teacher. It is not in the conversation you might be having with your friends at dinner tomorrow. It is not in the Wall Street Journal or The New Yorker. It is definitely not in this blog.

Whatever you are really seeking. Whatever you really need to know. Whatever you think you need to learn and understand by taking in outside information, it is all within you right now.

Deep down you have all the insights you need. The knower, the silent witness – is present in all of us. Our challenge is to quiet the thinking mind to the point where our deep-rooted and all-knowing self can really shine through. This is where meditation and the practice of present moment awareness can be such powerful tools.

Next time you have a big problem, something that has been puzzling you for a long time, something that causes you some level of anxiety or worry. Instead of trying to talk to people about it, read books to find the answer or turning to the Internet; try just quieting your mind.

Go for a walk. Sit in meditation. Go for a jog (no iPod please!). Take a relaxed bike ride. Do something to still your mind. Chances are you will either discover the answer, or realize that the problem isn’t even a problem to begin with and isn’t worth any further attention.

Either way, the solution is a process of discovery, not one of learning. Find the answer within yourself.

Published by Ravi Raman

Executive Coach + Yogi + Endurance Athlete

2 replies on “You Are The Answer”

  1. Right on Ravi. Even though I didn’t really need to read this:-) Though, I appreciate hearing others words because out of humanness, I crave connection with others. But I have learned as well that the best answers can be found within. That’s why it is so important to “Know Thyself”… Great article!

  2. Oh yes I know all about this now. After years of looking for answers from everywhere ..retreats, gurus, parents, mentors, friends and numerous books, degrees even. I’ve now come to realise that the answers are for me to find myself within myself.

    Writing has helped me to express myself fully. Find out who I truly am and who it is I want to be. The book that has helped me on this journey is called the Artist’s way by Julia Cameron.

    This book links your voyage of self discovery with releasing your full creative potential. So far for me it has been life changing.

    It might just work for you too.

    lots of love xx

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