Win on the Uphills

The 2009 Tour De France has come to an end. I am a huge fan of cycling. The amount of suffering these guys put themselves through is incredible. In the Tour, they’ll attack these Alpine climbs (where you ride up steep grades for literally hours on end) day after day for the duration of the 3-week event.Watching Lance and Albert fly up these climbs was inspiring.

What I always notice is how cyclists can easily put time into their competitors on a long uphill climb or series of climbs. However, on the downhills, they rarely gain much time – and often end up giving back some of their gains. The race really does reward those who are able to buckle down and dig into the uphills.

Seth Godin had a great post about Winning on the Uphills. I think this is spot on. Improving relative performance is very difficult on the downhills but very possible on the uphills, if you are willing to do whatever it takes. It might not be easy, but growth rarely is.

Instead of waiting for things to go perfectly or for the wind to be at your back, dig in and know that by pushing through the hard times, you’ll come out far stronger and with a headstart when you eventually hit the downhill parts of life – that is to say – when things seem to start going your way again.

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  1. I could not agree more. When I competed in 10k races and triathalons years ago, I always had more success attacking on the hills. More satisfaction for being able to tough it out as well. This strategy DOES apply to life. Thanks for the post. PS: I am also a cycling fan and watched much of the tour with great inerest.

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