We Control The Meaning of Our Lives

Last month I participated in my second Date With Destiny experience. This is a program led by Tony Robbins that focuses on identifying the core values driving you today, the new values you want to live by and using this new “inner compass” to direct your life in an even more fulfilling manner. There was a lot to take in over the six days, but one distinction that I came away with is that we control the meaning of our lives (past, present and future).

No matter what.

No matter what has happened in the past, no matter what troubling conditions we are dealing with in the present, and no matter how potentially bleak the future looks; we can create our own meanings from the experience and either use it to empower ourselves or cast ourselves as a victim.

In the same way that one person could love a day full of bright sunshine and another could cower with fear of getting sunburn, so it is that we can define how we react to situations, memories and possibilities in a way that serves us or in a way that doesn’t.

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  1. My response is this poem:
    “White”, “Black”, “Form”, “Pulse”, “Space”, “Time”
    A lemon tree stands in my yard. Its fruit
    by rights is mine. Except the old stone house
    I love, which smells of sandalwood and mice,
    —so each dusk, the children loot, lemons at all,
    of course~
    Once near this village an angel spoke,

    Whose language must we speak to pay the debt?
    I raise the children’s crooked stick and shake
    lemon after lemon from silent thorns~
    I kept you in my pocket as a charm, Yeshua The Messiah
    At night you were a magic key, decoding
    strangers’ voices~
    I have asked myself these questions,
    and, each of us should do the same:
    What have you broken? What have you lost?
    How do you want to die? How do I see the world?
    How do I think about it? In terms of time? Space?
    Now? The future? The past? Who is responsible for me? Myself? Buddha? Mother Earth?
    No, it is Yehovah!

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