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Those who don’t believe that you can be strong and healthy on a plant-based diet need to take a look at Robert Cheeke. Robert’s a good friend of mine, and is living proof that you can really achieve outstanding physical health as a Vegan.

Mainstream media is finally starting to take notice. The notion that you need to eat meat to be healthy and strong is completely bogus. In fact, Robert was featured in a recent cover story in Williamette Week, one of the larger alternative newspapers in Oregon.

Robert’s an inspirational motivational speaker, National Events Coordinator for a multi-national nutritional  company and founder of

Those who are looking to improve their health, fitness and outlook on life should definitely check out the Vegan Bodybuilding website. This site also has further information about Robert’s amazing transformation from a 120 pound under-nourished teen to a 190+ lb rock solid vegan athlete (all-natural of course).

His personal site has further information on speaking engagements, articles and interviews he has done with local and national media.

Whether you are Vegan or not….its worth a look.

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Published by Ravi Raman

Executive Coach + Yogi + Endurance Athlete

15 replies on “Vegan Muscle”

  1. Robert is an inspiration to vegans everywhere to be healthy and fit and proves wrong the notion that vegans have to be weak and lanky! It’s a prefectly healthy lifestyle and he’s living proof!

  2. His trousers are too big, and just because he’s vegan does not mean he’s not a poser and a bit of an arse.

  3. There are a lot of people out there who still believe that a vegan diet, a vegetarian diet, or even just a diet lacking red meat means that you won’t be able to bulk up. I’m no body builder, but people like Robert Cheeke give us great examples to point out to people that you can achieve amazing things without the aid of animal products.

  4. Possible, yes.

    Common, no.

    It could be said that he is the exception that makes the rule. Personally I agree that it is possible to be a healthy vegan, but the majority of vegans I have met were far from what I call healthy. Most people are too stupid and/or lazy to ensure a balanced vegan diet, but congrats if you pull it off.

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  6. Love this post. It is good to see that people can pay attention enough to what they eat that they can achieve that kind of health on a plant based diet. However, I do think that diet is individualized and that some of us truly truly truly do better with some lean, grass fed or wild meat or game.

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  7. Hiya, I do resistance work everyday and run about 35 miles a week. Im veggie but do you have any tips for me to make me even more stronger – any foods I can eat. Im basically eating tons of salads, cereals, oats, porridge, and fake meat. I hope to hear from you soon, Regard Soraya, Norwich, Norfolk, UK xx

  8. you’re right, Ravi, looking good on the outside doesn’t mean you aren’t dieing on the inside from the pollution of eating animal flesh.
    I have just recently discovered nutritional yeast, it’s a great substitute for anyone having trouble giving up cheese.

  9. As a veggie attempting to put a bit of muscle on my body… your article is VERY inspirational. I KNOW it can be done – and I want to be one of those success stories! You can be strong, sexy, and vegetarian – at the same time! In fact, part of my reason for wanting to build muscle is just to prove to everyone else out there that it CAN be done!

  10. To make your fat transform into buff muscle, you must have determination to transform, eat nutritious food to make you healthy, avoid drink alcoholic because it can make your tummy bigger, drink lots of water, so must not be dehydrated, because once you do massive exercise you exist lots of sweat.

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