Vegan Dinner

Who says vegan meals can’t be healthy and incredibly tasty? This is one of my dinners from a few weeks ago. My mom and sister were visiting and made this wonderful meal. You’re looking a lightly sauteed kale and rice curry, a shredded carrot – cilantro and seaweed salad, and a pumpkin and coconut soup!

Published by Ravi Raman

Executive Coach + Yogi + Endurance Athlete

4 replies on “Vegan Dinner”

  1. Ross: I will be the first to admit that my mom and sister did all the cooking! They are vegetarian, but when I visit – they pretty much cook all vegan!

    I will ask my sister for the recipe and repost.

    My own meals are usually not this elaborate 🙂


  2. My my…that looks awesome! Seriously dude, puts my effort to shame!

    Was still pretty tasty, but nothing like yours!

    Care to share the recipe?

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