Tony Robbins “Biography” – Old Show

I just watched the old Biography episode on Tony Robbins. It’s available on YouTube in five parts. The whole thing is a joke.

First of all, it is really old and generally focuses on the outward techniques Tony uses without delving into their meaning. It’s definitely made out to make him look like a super salesman out to get rich. Even though they have a few positive statements from Stallone and mention of his foundation, they portray what he does as equal parts cult and pep rally. They totally miss the boat.

Based on my own experience with Tony’s teaching; having seen him in person several times, having attended his Mastery University program now as director of the Seattle PowerGroup (through which I’ve met many others who have gone through his programs)….I find the story told in this program to be misleading.

First of all, the energy and movement used in his programs are done with a purpose. Physiology is an incredible tool we can all use to change out state. That’s why we feel good when we cheer, dance, breath deeply, exercise, etc. Put your body in a state of being where you would be if you were happy and feeling good….and pretty soon you will be happy and feeling good. A key part of what Tony teaches is using physiology as one gateway to make personal change. Along with physiology, your language and mental focus also matter. It’s proper application of this “triad” that becomes a fundamental technology for personal growth. You practice this during his programs so you can develop this skill and apply it throughout your everyday life without trouble.

Second, the firewalk is an incredibly powerful anchor. Think of it as a reference point you can refer back to (consciously or unconsciously) as a proof point that you can excel and achieve even in the most challenging of circumstances. I did this several years ago and will never forget the experience.

Lastly, the Tony Robbins of today is very different from the Tony Robbins of the 90’s. As I’ve heard from some long time students who attended his earliest programs, he’s “toned down” a bit and incorporated more relationship and health/wellness teaching into his programs. One thing about Tony is that he never stops learning. Every year his programs change and adapt as he discovers more effective techniques. He adds new guest speakers and topics to his talks all the time.

In fact, when I attended Date with Destiny in 2006, he actually conducted a guided meditation and chakra cleansing. This is the sort of thing that Tony would never have done a decade ago.

I think people who watch an old infomercial or developed some opinion about him through his book or an old seminar experience ought to give it another shot. His teaching today has evolved a lot over years.

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  1. I agree with some of your ideas, and love the concept of using physiology as a way to change our state. Change is good. Keep up the good posts.

  2. Well, sort of.

    If he was into hype years ago this may be relevant.

    It seems to me that he hasn’t changed so far as he measures success in dollar terms (he is not alone in this!).

    I agree it is good that he keeps learning. I hope he’ll come up with some stuff that is a bit deeper than his current approach which seems to be Pavlovian conditioning. If you manipulate yourself then what is your self?

  3. hey ravi

    long time no, erm, blog communicate!

    i totally agree. i saw this doco for the first time only a few days after i came back from date with destiny and i have to say it looks like two different people.

    the tony of the 90’s is very different to the one you see now. and you’re right, its not only the relationship stuff that makes up such a big part of the course, but the meditation and relaxation too. even having seen tony 5 or 6 years ago – i would never have believed that he would be running guided meditation in his courses now!

    anyway, hope all is good with you mate – glad to see you’re still blogging. i’ve had no end of trouble with mine but hopefully i will be fixed up and posting again in no time.

    have a great weekend

  4. Hi Ravi. I’ve been enjoying your site. I came across it while searching for Date With Destiny info. Did you truly enjoy DWD and think it was worth the time and money? I’m curious because I was thinking of going myself this year. I’d love to read your thoughts.
    Keep blogging!

    1. It’s incredibly valuable and worth the time and cost (and it does cost a lot). Life changing would be an understatement. I’m going to go back again to DWD next year.

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