The Value of Sleep

Quick post – it’s been a while since I last wrote and I’ve recently discovered something so simple that I just have to share. Sleep. I’ve been very busy of late, with a new job at work, a bunch of travel, teaching yoga and taking some workshops, and getting ready for an upcoming trip to India. The one thing that has been lacking is sleep – and I’ve been getting by on 5-6 hours a night pretty consistently for the past several weeks.

I’ve noticed that I’ve definitely been a lot more irritable, less energized and haven’t been as mental sharp and generally optimistic about things.

Starting last Friday, I’ve been making it a point to sleep a LOT. This means getting to bed by 10pm at the latest and getting a solid 9 hours every day (over the weekend I got 12 hours a night….which was a bit too much). The change is dramatic. I find that my entire day goes better and I feel generally happier, mentally tuned in and my relationships with people also seem more connected.

Sleep is important….speaking of which…gotta go to bed soon…teaching yoga in the morning!

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  1. Hey Ravi!

    I have been suffering from lack of sleep too! (I’ve been trying in vain to get into bed by 12am)

    I’ve been reading some Ayurveda, and they say according to the natural rhythm of the day :
    Ideally, one should sleep by 10pm ish and wake up between 5-6am. ( I forget the exact terminology and logic, but basically, you will be sleeping with the sluggish/sleepy cycle in the evening and waking up in the active cycle in the morning – which means deep sleep, and a fresh, energetic start to the day.)

    But in today’s metros that would kill one’s social life! I’m going to do a week long trial one of these days though.

    Personally, I love power naps post lunch as well. If only I had a bed at work. : )

    Congratts on making Principal btw! : )

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