The Stories We Tell

Think of the last time you made an excuse for why you couldn’t, wouldn’t or shouldn’t do something.

It is in those moments that you are getting caught up in your stories about why things won’t work out. Too short, too fat, too poor, too busy, too young, too old, etc. The stories have little to no basis in fact, other than the fact that you made them up, but they govern your life all the same.

It is just so much easier to explain away something and justify why it can’t be done, than to venture a chance at it and risk your ego getting a little hurt.

The paradox of all this is that the very stories that you create to defend yourself are the same stories that  preventing you from truly living. That is to say, they keep you from experiencing life in the moment, and growing, learning and truly contributing beyond your means.

Learn to identify your stories when they arise. It is the first step in creating space between who you really are and what your ego says you are. Over time, the stories will lose their grip and the real you will shine through.

Published by Ravi Raman

Executive Coach + Yogi + Endurance Athlete

2 replies on “The Stories We Tell”

  1. As soon as you become aware you’re telling yourself a story, you can let it go by bringing yourself back to what “is” in the moment.

    So much of the stress, struggle, and grief we experience is due to the stories we spin about ourselves and our lives, rather than what really is.

    Great post.

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