The Secret to Personal Transformation

(reading time for this post = ~5 minutes)

Transformation is something we witness. It is not something we do.

There you have it. I did not make you read this entire post to discover the secret, you just read it. However, I hope you will take a few minutes to read on.

This concept, though counter-intuitive – is the fundamental key to transforming any aspect of your life. We may use all our skill, energy and effort to make a positive change in our lives – attending workshops, learning new skills, cultivating mentors and relationships – effectively trying to make transformation happen; but if we are not present enough to witness the change, it is all for nothing.

Trying to force transformation to happen is like trying to swim upstream against a swift current. It can be draining on many levels, with no guarantee of success.

This does not mean that focus, drive and committed activity aren’t super important. They absolutely are. The point is simply that, after doing all those things – the transformation that we are seeking is out of our control. There are far too many factors for us to consider. All we can do it prepare ourselves so when the insight, awareness and deep change happens – that we are open to it.

It is like a farmer who works tirelessly to grow food; by weeding, plowing the fields, enriching the soil, planting seeds, watering, mulching and preparing the environment as best as possible so that tiny little seeds have the chance they need to grow to their fullest potential.

In the same way, all the effort that we put into our own personal development is simply to create fertile ground in which transformation can take root and blossom.

Consider that right now, as you read this post – that your body is changing. It is happening whether you want it to or not. At a cellular level, our bodies are transforming constantly. In fact, the very brain that you are using right now is completely different from the mind you had 12 months ago. Every cell has been transformed – old cells broken down to make way for new growth.

We have new skin generated every month, new organs every year, new bones every few years. In fact, our entire body – from head to toe – completely changes every 7-10 years. This is a scientific fact. Transformation is happening whether we know it or not. All we need to do is bear witness to the process.

In the same way our physical body is transforming, so is our being at mental, spiritual and emotional levels. We are constantly taking in new information, new experiences and new relationships that are transforming our model of the world.

While we might not know exactly which new experience will lead us to a breakthrough, by being present to more moments in our lives, we can witness how our experiences are impacting our body, mind and spirit – for better or worse – and then cultivate those things that are positive agents of change.

So the secret to personal growth and transformation is to cultivate that silent witness of present-moment awareness – that will help you see (really see) yourself change and help you cultivate those things that help you grow into your fullest potential.

Published by Ravi Raman

Executive Coach + Yogi + Endurance Athlete