The Secret: How To Attract What You Want In Life

The Secret The Movie

We just wrapped up our Seattle PowerGroup meeting, where we watched The Secret. This is a movie about aligning your thoughts, feelings and emotions to that which you wish to see in your life.

What is The Secret? It is The Law of Attraction.

A few months ago, when I first heard about The Secret, I was incredibly skeptical. A few of my friends were basically explaining it as some sort of new age magic where manifesting anything in this world was a simple matter of thinking about it. It seems like a completely hokey and misinformed ideal. Also, the whole premise of The Secret being “a secret” was in my mind just a clever marketing ploy to sell more movies and books.

The fact that The Secret was also essentially a long series of interviews with other “teachers” (i.e. personal development coaches, spiritual teachers, etc.) also made me think it was nothing more than a platform for these already wealthy folks to become more wealthy by promoting their wares.

All these preconceptions were keeping me from actually taking the time to experience The Secret myself and make up my own mind. Over the past several months, though, I’ve slowly come to believe in the Power of Intention and Law of Attraction.

I’ve actually built vision boards and have experienced many interesting coincidences and synchronicities as a result.

This week, I bit the bullet. First, I bought The Secret book (which was basically a recap of the movie). Today, I watched The Secret movie with the Seattle PowerGroup. Boy was were my expectations blown away. It was well done, and did expose me to a few new ideas when it comes to creating a mindset that is more likely to lead to happiness and success.

Just those few new distinctions that I learned were alone worth the cost of the DVD. In fact, I would suggest just buying the DVD (or downloading it from their website for $4.95) at first, since the book is essentially a recap of the material therein. It is much more powerful to actually see and hear the teachers messages than reading quotations.

What were these important distinctions I learned? Here were three big ones:

Feeling are more powerful than thoughts

It is one thing to just think about something on an intellectual level, and another thing entirely to actual feel the emotions that you would experience had you actually achieve that thing. Joy, happiness, love and gratitude are powerful emotional states. It is these emotional states that you need to consistently be in, and from this place of positivity, focus on whatever you wish to attract into your life. For example, if you create a vision board, and look at it everyday but do not have any emotional connection to it, it will not be that effective. The trick is to link the object of your desire with the positive emotion feelings that you will experience when you get it.

Make your dreams realistic

Whatever you are looking to achieve must be realistic. This does not mean that you can’t desire something truly grand. It could be a million dollars, a new car, a week long holiday from work or even just a front-and-center parking spot at your favorite crowded shopping center. Whatever it is, big or small, you need to be able to make it feel incredibly real. You need to be able to imagine yourself having already achieved it. You need to be able to feel what it would be like RIGHT NOW to have it. That is the trick. The universe doesn’t care if wish to attract something big or small into your life, it is all about whether you are emitting the right attitude and emotions to actually attract that thing.

Don’t worry about the How, just the What and Why

You have no idea how your dreams will manifest in this world. So don’t second guess anything. Just know that you are on the right path, and accept any signals that get thrown your way. Don’t make assumptions about certain things being impossible, improbable, to expensive, not “you”, or whatever. Just focus on your dream, the positive emotions and why it matters to you. Let the universe figure out the rest.

A great example in the movie was that each one of use use electricity every day, but no one truly knows how it works. In the same way, we should focus on the end goal, and not worry too much about the “How.”


There were many more nuggets that I picked up from the movie, but these were three big ones.

You can buy The Secret book or movie at any bookstore, or from their website. In fact, the online version is $4.95 (the DVD is $35!). It is a good investment.

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Executive Coach + Yogi + Endurance Athlete

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  1. Hi Ravi,

    I have also just watch the secret video a month ago. It’s influence my life now.
    I have more spirit and passion to what I am doing now.
    Changing life is not easy. it’s like get out from your comfort zone ! Totally agree with you, why wait any longer than necessary. we have to start our journey today because we are worth it, right!


  2. Ravi, love your post re the Secret. I love your ‘oh wow’ factor of learning more than you expected. You’re obviously ready for this knowledge, many are poo pooing it right now, you should see the craziness here in Australia, amazingly it was made here but its only hitting the airwaves now! When you’re ready for ease, effortless, goodness and abundance you’ll find the Secret! Thanks for sharing hon! Lise x

  3. I like your whole PowerGroup idea. Perhaps you could do a follow up post with your meeting model. A break down of your mission statement and what exactly you guys do. I personally would find that interesting, maybe you could shoot me an e-mail if you don’t find a post appropriate. 😉

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