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  2. Ravi, Thank you for posting this little video on your blog. A few months ago I wrote you that I was training for my first marathon. Well, I finished the marathon and it took me 6 hrs and 53 min. The marathon was in San Francisco and it was long and hard. But looking back over the experience I see that my focus was on the finish or the next water station but never where I was at that time. I was not in the moment and that is what the video speaks about, being in the moment. It wasn’t until someone came to pace me at mile 23.5 that I was actually in the moment of where I was at that exact time. That was when; tired, in pain, nauseous and mentally done, I actually picked up my pace and started passing people. This little video speaks to that very thing. Be in the moment.
    The experience of the marathon was great and I learned so much about myself and my ability to commit, how I sabotage my successes, and that no matter what I can stay the course. Coming home on the plane I sat next to someone who is younger than my youngest child (my son is 34) and she told me that she had someone pace her for six miles and she called her husband from the course crying needing his encouragement. That made me feel somewhat better. Knowing that I did the marathon virtually by myself for 23 miles and didn’t lose my mind.
    I am looking forward to the next marathon and a better training and result. But I did raise over $4,000 for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.
    Reading your blog has helped me. Even when I don’t read it I always remember the title, “Set Higher Standards,” and I apply that philosophy to everything I do now, even, or maybe especially, my relationships. Thank you for the inspiration and have a wonderful holiday season.

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