The Future Looms Larger Than Reality

The problem with getting caught up in thoughts about the future is that the future always looms larger than reality. Objects, emotions, fears, thoughts, etc….all seem magnified when you ponder how things might be, as opposed to how things really are.

This is big problem.

It keeps you from doing things out of fear of failure. It keeps you from experience things out of fear that you might not live up to your own fabricated expectations. In actuality, fear is a very poor indicator of how things will actually turn out.

You can try your own experiment to prove this in your own life.

Next time you are fearful or nervous about doing something, make note of the fear…and do it anyway. Once the activity or situation has come to pass, write in a journal how the event went, compared to your expectations. Was the fear warranted?

In my own experience, for every case the fear was a false indicator. Disaster never occurred. In fact, I see a strong reverse-correlation. In situations where I feel fear, the outcomes often leave me feeling fulfilled for having done something worthwhile, new an exciting. Now, I seek those situations out.

Fear is no longer fear, it’s an opportunity to experience great new things.

Published by Ravi Raman

Executive Coach + Yogi + Endurance Athlete