Technology and Frustration vs Freedom

I’m sitting here trying to type a short blog post and my internet connection keeps dropping.

Not sure what it is causing the problem. Sometimes when the weather is really bright and sunny in Seattle (which is rare), this happens. Might be some issue with my CLEAR 4G router and solar interference..I don’t know.

Anyway it has me thinking of the dependency I have on being connected to the net and using technology in general.

Coming home from work this evening, I tried playing some music on my computer but Spotify wouldn’t play since it’s all on their servers and my connection was flaky. I tried looking up directions for a bike route and that was busted too…so I had to use my phone (which still worked). Even my triathlon training plan is updated using connections to a remote server. Luckily, the workouts are saved locally in a client app so I was able to see training had to be done.

I then hopped on my bike only to see that my Power Meter (fancy cycle computer that measure power output) was out of battery, so I had to wait for that to charge. Again, waiting for technology. One more thing to manage. After my ride I went for a run, and luckily my Garmin still had a charge so I could track my pace.

I think there is a wonderful thing about all this technology that connects us with each other and to information. It’s also striking to my just how much I depend on it. Even more than that is how much it affects me (at a very deep physical level) when it doesn’t work. The frustration of trying to get an email sent when your internet connection is down and you are late for something else is absolutely maddening.

I think that is the heart of the issue. Not the dependence on or the independence from technology. But one’s ability to not let the technology interfere with your experience of your life…especially in situations where the technology isn’t working.

Published by Ravi Raman

Executive Coach + Yogi + Endurance Athlete