The Stories We Tell

Captivating Stories full of drama, peppered with intrigue and maybe even laced with some boredom. Every time someone asks “How are you” and you end up going on and on about all the things that are going wrong and dramatic in your life instead of being happy with where you are, that’s your Story. Every […]

Your Story Will Take You Out

We all have our stories. Some of these stories give us strength. Other are draining. Most of them are the later not the former. Our stories will take us out, if we let them. They will take us out of what we really want in life. They will take us out of the situations that […]

The Stories We Tell

Think of the last time you made an excuse for why you couldn’t, wouldn’t or shouldn’t do something. It is in those moments that you are getting caught up in your stories about why things won’t work out. Too short, too fat, too poor, too busy, too young, too old, etc. The stories have little […]

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