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Building Willpower – Meditation Challenge Day 15

Day 15 of the 30 Day Meditation Challenge. The rhythm and process of meditating is getting easier. With consistency applied to any endeavor, this usually happens. I’ve had several situations where it was rather difficult to actually sit still for 20 minutes, but I managed and after sitting for a minute, it was totally fine. …

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Finding a Groove – Meditation Challenge Day 7

Found my groove over the past few days. After having a hard time sitting still and really wandering mind, things have settled down a bit. My mind still wanders, but not as much. Also, sitting for 20 minutes at a stretch is no problem at all. I’ve even noticed that I’ll open my eyes literally …

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Meditation – A 30 Day Challenge

Every now and then I do challenges to either learn something new or re-commit myself to something I already do – but not enough. They say that 30 days is just enough time to make a habit and from my experience it is long enough to get “over the hump” that usually comes with any …

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