Why Even Night Owls Should Wake Up Early

Various studies have shown that people who wake up early exhibit character traits like optimism, being agreeable, satisfaction and conscientiousness. Night owls, while linked with creativity and intelligence, are more likely to exhibit traits like depression, pessimism and being neurotic. Even if you are a night owl, it pays to build up the positive habit of becoming a morning person!

When You Have No Other Choice

When you have no other choice, you stop making excuses and start doing the things you know need to be done. When you close off all alternatives, it is much easier to commit and make progress. Most business people I know love the fact that they are able to get so much work done while […]

Deactivate Facebook and Twitter to Improve Your Focus

Today I have deactivated my Facebook account, and will no longer be posting to my Twitter account. This is another 30-day challenge. I’m an avid social networker, but at the end of the day, I realize that much of the conversations that happen through these networks are not directly supporting my overall goals or well-being. […]

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