Weather Shouldn’t Stop You From Doing What You Love

Suited up for a 30 mile bike ride on the rocket ship. Little did I know that over the course of my ~2 hour bike ride the weather would do this crazy dance: 1. Partly Sunny 2. Violent Hailstorm 3. Torrential Rain 4. Cloudy and Dry 5. Violent Hailstorm 6.Moderate Downpour 7. Light Sprinkles 10 […]

How to Run 50 Miles: Part II – Beyond Pure Fitness

Read Part I Here. I’m going to expand on the first principle I stated in Part I, that I think the outcome for endurance events are more driven by factors beyond raw fitness than of fitness itself. Nutrition, mental focus, pacing, gear and other factors are just as (if not more important) than how high […]