The most important thing is to decide to take responsibility for whatever happens in your life.

It doesn’t matter if someone else was involved or deemed ‘at fault’. Responsibility is ultimately centered on ourselves.

We are in charge of how we interpret situations, the emotions we feel about them and our reactions to them. A situation that could be absolutely infuriating to some could be totally pleasant to others.

I was in an airport a few months ago and my flight home was cancelled abruptly. A bunch of people were so ticked off they were yelling and screaming at the attendants – who obviously were powerless over the situation. These folks were just wasting time (and risking not getting one of the few spots on the next flight out) and destroying their own sanity.

Others, myself included, rushed over to the service desk to get checked in to the next flight right away.

Still others I noticed…took the opportunity to have a more relaxed dinner at the airport and were content to get an overnight stay at a hotel – since they weren’t in a rush to get home. They were almost using it as an excuse to extend their vacation.

We all were faced with the same situation but the choice of how we reacted to it was completely in our control.

Galapagos Sea Lion - doesn't have a a care in the world! Photo by Ravi.

Published by Ravi Raman

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  1. I share your sentiments, things happen and the way we choose to deal with things can make life much easier, not to mention healthier. No one can control everything in life, but we can control ourselves.Good attitude!!

  2. Yes love this “truth” Ravi. Sounds like the yelling bunch were reacting vs the calm bunch choose to respond to the event of a canceled flight. Love the picture!

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