New Kettlebell @ 53lbs

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I just got a brand new 53-pound kettlebell to join my 32-pounder. The 32 was getting light. Great for higher reps but now is a good time to upgrade. I ordered through a Dragon Door wholesaler, Kettlebility in Seattle, to spare myself crazy-high shipping costs.

A video of the unveiling:


This morning I did a trail run at Cougar Mountain, about 4.5 miles at a good clip and then 4 fast repeats up a hill (each repeat was 85 seconds). Nice workout given I haven’t been feeling so hot this week after my return from the insanity that is CES.

Also, I got a copy of Pavel’s book “Power to the People” along with my kettlebell. I almost finished it in one sitting! So much good stuff in there. Can’t wait to start dead-lifting again. I always thought squats were more effective and safer, but Pavel thinks differently.

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  1. congrats on the incorporating of dead-lifts. they rock, and they can even be safer, as toes are set straight ahead and feet are parallel… as long as, like with squats, knees and rear stay back and things are taken slowly and steadily. this is a power lift that can really improve running power. thanks as always for a fabulous blog!

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