My Morning Smoothie

I’m a big fan of smoothies in the morning. A while ago I wrote about my Raw Power Smoothie, an all vegan and mostly raw concoction that would keep me going most of the day.

Nowadays, I’m in the groove of doing more fruits, mostly bananas, with some maca powder and a heaping tablespoon of vitamineral green. I forgo the protein powder and other things. I find that sticking with more of a fruit base and going lighter on the protein actually feels better in the morning.

The key to making this smoothie work and taste great is to get high quality organic bananas. Most people eat bananas when they are still “raw” and green and totally spot-free. Eating bananas like this will give you problems….gas and other digestive issues. They also don’t taste as sweet!

I like my bananas nice and spotty, there might be a touch of green near the stems, but the rest is deep yellow with plenty of brown spots on the peel. The peel should also come off very easily. If you have to hack away to open your banana, it isn’t ready yet!

Note: if you need to ripen bananas, stick them in a closed bag in a warm place.

Now I am off to drink my post yoga class smoothie! (4 large organic bananas, 20 ounces water, vitamineral green powder and maca powder).

What is your favorite smoothie? Let me know in the comments!

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6 replies on “My Morning Smoothie”

  1. Whatsup Ravi!

    Mine is a post-workout shake consisting of:
    – Maca
    – Hemp protein
    – 1/2 Avocado
    – 1 banana
    – Lots of cinnamon
    – Bee Pollen
    – White almond butter
    – ice

    The avocado gives it a milkshake like texture and the ripe banana combined with cinnamon and almond butter makes it super tasty!

  2. That sounds great! White almond butter? Never tried that, where do you get it?

    I do enjoy avacado’s in my smoothies but like them so much I prefer to just eat them straight!

  3. Darri;

    Interesting, thanks for the tip. I know that soaking almonds (overnight) is said to do the same thing. This also makes the peel easy to remove, but I didn’t realize that you actually should take off the peel. I used to just soak them and eat them with the peel on!

  4. I think you can also drop the almonds briefly (half a minute) in hot water (post-soaking) and the skins will come off even more easily.

    Ravi, what blender do you use? I’m short on cash at the minute, but am a bit obsessed with getting a nice vita-mix.

    1. Hey Joe – as for the hot water – that will work but it is best to avoid heating the nuts. It destroys some of the nutrients and enzymes that help your body break down the proteins in the food. Frankly – I eat the skins…more nutrition that way!

      As for the blender…my Vita-Mix was my best investment for my health I could have made. They also sell refurbished ones with warranty from the company as well. Alternatively, I’ve heard good things about Blend-Tech blenders. Check out YouTube and type in “Will it Blend”….those videos feature Blend-Tech machines I think…they should be less expensive.

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