Importance of running efficiency

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As I ramp up my own running mileage, I’m becoming more aware of the importance of running bio-mechanics and overall efficiency. A little extra weight or unneeded movement adds up when you are running 20-30+ miles at a stretch.

An article, The Perfect Stride, at The New Yorker profiles the obsessive efforts of distance running Alberto Salazar in training his elite runners as part of Nike’s staff.

His focus on fore and mid-foot strike, faster turnover and lightly touching the ground with the feet are all things that start to come naturally with barefoot or minimalist running. I’m surprised the article didn’t say anything about footwear and the impact on stride and bio-mechanics. That could be one of the easiest ways to educate the body on how to run better vs doing lots of drills and having to focus on how your legs are moving and feet are landing all the time.

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