How To Win Friends – Part II

Listening to “How to Win Friends and Influence People ” by Dale Carnegie again. Here are some stream of conscious nuggets I’m picking up while listening. Read Part I for more nuggets.

  • The best way to win an argument, is to avoid it.
  • Quit telling people they are wrong, after all, how do you really know? You might be the one who is wrong. In other words, get used to admitting that you, in fact, might be wrong. It’s a disarming approach when dealing with people and shows respect for others opinions. Admitting you might be wrong will never get you into trouble.
  • The word “My” has incredible force and impact. Use it carefully.
  • Agree with your adversary quickly! Don’t argue with a customer, spouse or enemy. Use diplomacy.
  • Never say to someone else “you’re wrong”.
  • If you’re wrong, admit it quickly and emphatically!
  • A drop of honey catches more flies than a gallon of “gaul”.
  • The more yes’s you can induce from others early in a conversation – the positive momentum you can achieve toward a desired outcome. Saying yes is a powerful thing.
  • Let others do a great deal of talking. Don’t interrupt others. Listen patiently and sincerely.
  • Encourage others to express their ideas fully.

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3 replies on “How To Win Friends – Part II”

  1. Thanks Ravi, Have got 1 more hour to finish audio book of Dale Carnegie. I just love the narrator! He reminds me of the voice from Wonderful world of disney tha t we sat around the tv every Sunday at 6 when I was little! What a warm ,kind book it is. I am so enjoying the simple and effective content. and doesnt it work a treat! Thanks for the recommendation. Its a shame the book has such a daggy yet accurate title. Im sure Tony Robbins would have given it a way cooler name! Now, what else do you love on audio books? What did you think of Conscious Business by Fred Koffman?cheers Wendy[can you feel the smile in that?]

    1. Hey Wendy – yes I can feel the smile coming through 🙂

      I love Seth Godin’s audiobooks (The Dip is my favorite). I also really like Don Miguel Ruiz “Four Agreements” and also “The Voice of Knowledge.” They are awesome!

      Haven’t read or listened to Conscious Business yet. Will check it out.

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