How to Eliminate Confusion

Confusion arises from not following wants, needs and the resulting emotions to their logical conclusion.

The multi-billion dollar cosmetic industry implies that many people want to live forever and look young but would that really be enjoyable? Wouldn’t you eventually be bored living like that?

People want friends to never get angry and co-workers to always get along. Wouldn’t that make your day an incredible bore? If no one pushed on you and challenged your ideas in the workplace would you really be able to bring out your best?

When you carry out wants and needs to their logical end, you’ll find that any confusion will dissolve and little things that upset you during the day become less irritating and instead  become quite enjoyable.


Heading out to Portland, OR today to run the Portland Marathon tomorrow! My goal is to hold 8-minute miles which would yield a 3 hour 30 minute finish. Last year I ran 3 hours 54 minutes, with just a couple of months of training.

An elephant is in the room! This big boy is hanging out in one of our Microsoft office buildings. He's from a Cirque d Soleil show.

Published by Ravi Raman

Executive Coach + Yogi + Endurance Athlete