How to destroy a perfectly awesome salad

Salads are the single healthiest type of food/cuisine to eat. They are also easy to absolutely destroy. In fact, while sitting here I’m munching on an entire head of organic green lettuce. Some choose potato chips,  I prefer lettuce!

A perfect snack while blogging!

Most restaurants are trained in the art of destroying a perfectly good salad. Case in point are Applebee’s Oriental Chicken Salad at a whopping 709 calories & 25 g fat and Taco Bell’s Taco Salad tipping the scale at 906 calories and 49 g fat! Can you imagine eating a salad that has more calories and fat that a Big Mac? It’s not just the chain restaurants at fault, practically all places make it easy to ruin a salad if you aren’t careful with what you order. Here are the top methods one can use to utterly destroy a salad:

  • Douse it in salad dressing (a few spoons of dressing can have 10x the calories and infinitely more fat than the entire salad!)
  • Cover it in cheese
  • Coat it in crunchy stuff like croutons, fried onions, etc.
  • Use handfuls of roasted nuts and seeds (full of fat and salt)
  • Put a bunch of fried and roasted meat or other garbage on top of it

I prefer to eat my salads raw. Usually just a bunch of lettuce and some carrots or radishes I’ll munch on before eating dinner. If I am having only a salad for a meal, I’ll sometimes use plain olive oil and balsamic vinegar for a light dressing, and top it with grilled tofu or some beans, bell peppers, radishes and avocado. The amount of avocado and other “heavier” stuff I use depends on how much I’ve been training that week. I use a TON of greens (really, my salads are ginormous – usually a whole large head of organic romaine).

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