1. lisa blair says:

    Actually Ravi, for the millions of people worldwide who suffer from chronic clinical depression happiness is not always a choice. These people suffer from chemical imbalances in the brain which can make it hard for them to experience any positive feelings during an episode. Only part of it is cognitive/behavioral. They also did not choose to have these different types of depression. Saying you can choose feelings at all times is really invalidating to these individuals and further stigmatizes them.

    • Tasha Fisher says:

      As Ravi said, sometimes it is a hard choice. As a sufferer of clinical depression my entire life, at the age of 40 it is a choice. A choice to recognize my cycles and triggers and take preventative measures. A choice to force myself to be social, when it’s the last thing I want. A choice to go the route of prescriptive meds before everything collapses around me. A choice to learn about my mind and reactions and be very cognizant of my emotions. A choice to actively think and change my perceptions. It is easy, no…but it is my choice to do what it takes so that I can one day experience more than glimpses of occasional happiness.

      It is definitely a choice. I have chosen to take control of my depression. Is it gone? No, but is it controlled.

  2. skottalfred says:

    as a person who suffers from depression i can speak for myself that happiness is something i aspire to.
    it’s a goal.
    it’s an achievement.
    it’s part of the journey.
    the incredible highs of my mania are matched (and then some) by the spirals into the darkest depressions. but that’s when i know i have to keep working. moving. like a shark.
    it sounds trite and easy, but it works for me (so far).
    no meds, just positive thinking when i can. sometimes it’s not genuine and it’s forced.
    but that’s the choice i make. to fight it standing up.

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