Good Enough Is Not Enough

Good enough is rarely enough. When it comes to your customers, your family, your community,  a sport, or your own personal development – good enough is just not enough.

If you are running a business, being good enough will put you out of business.

In your career, being good enough will keep you where you are at best, and more likely result in your getting smaller rewards that you hoped for.

Good enough is not enough because the universe aligns with those that are willing to commit and direct their purpose and energy to do their best. In business the result can be even more clear, with those who just have good enough customer service or attention to product quality steadily losing their customers to a more focused and committed competitor.

In life, like in business – it really does pay to do your best. However, unlike business, your best is relative to your own capabilities. It’s about you being truthful to what you are really capable of, and not settling for anything short of your best effort.

Published by Ravi Raman

Executive Coach + Yogi + Endurance Athlete

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  1. Ravi,

    It was good meeting you at assistant training. I don’t remember how I got here to your blog the other day, but I love it–it has been added to my google reader.

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