Five Blogs I Read

I read a ton of blogs, but here are five bloggers that I have been reading frequently of late.

Derek Sivers. Creator of CD Baby. His blog is a combo of business advice for entrepreneurs, ideas for creative thinking and personal development advice. His posts are easy read and always insightful. His post about “Leadership Lessons from a Dancing Guy” is not to be missed.I’ve watched it a dozen times. His TED talk on the same topic, How to Start a Movement, is a classic.

Chris Guillebeau. His blog, The Art of Non-Conformity, started out as a discussion of travel hacks and has since grown into a full-on community focused on unconventional ways to work and play. His free Guide to World Domination is a great and very quick read. It will get you thinking about how you can do more with less.

Seth Godin. Ridiculously prolific writer, speaker and blogger, Seth has written a ton of books (my favorite is The Dip, get the audiobook version where he reads it!) and his blog contains super concise and no-frills posts (no images, very short and to the point) about business, leadership and how to stand out in a crowd. I’m amazed and how he can crank out so much quality material (usually 1-2 short and impactful posts per day).

Tim Ferris. Unless you have been in a cave for the past few years you have heard of Tim. Author of The Four-Hour Work Week and the soon to be published The 4-Hour Body, Tim’s blog has very practical and often contrarian tips for working less, making more and feeling great. He coined the term “lifestyle design” and this what he is trying to help you do – ideal your ideal lifestyle. He often has guest authors posting, and I’ve discovered some other good blogs this way.

Scott Dunlap. He writes A Trail Runner’s Blog. I’ve been reading Scott’s blog since well before I started contemplating doing ultramarathon’s. It’s inspiring to see what the human body is capable of, even if it is through vicariously reading someone’s blog! He writes about the ultra-running scene, and his race reports are entertaining with some great pics he takes during his races.

Published by Ravi Raman

Executive Coach + Yogi + Endurance Athlete