Entitlement is a joke.

What you, I, or anyone has accomplished over the past minute, hour, day, month, year or lifetime may have been incredibly profound and impact-full. However, that really doesn’t have a thing to do with the present moment and the reality that is unfolding in front of you.

You may have been the star Quarterback in high school, the champion Swimmer, the National Merit Scholar or the Class President; but it is what you are now that matters, not what you were.

Just because you use to be able to run a fast mile when you were a kid doesn’t mean you will also be fit and in shape, immune from any physical malady for the rest of your life.

Just because you were voted “The Most Likely To Succeed,” doesn’t mean that you will never have to worry about finances for the rest of your life.

Life unfolds moment by moment.

Life does not happen in the past, or the future.

Life happens in the NOW.

In the NOW, there is no sense of entitlement. That is, there is no concept that life actually owes you something or anything.

In this realization there is a tremendous sense of freedom. In the NOW, you can be and do anything….really.

You can a champion, be wealthy, be a victor, be an example for others to look up to. It doesn’t matter if you didn’t think of yourself as these things in the past.

This is the beauty of the present moment.

Throw out any thoughts about deserving things because of something you were….and realize that you can really be anything you want to be in the NOW, that is, in the present moment.

Published by Ravi Raman

Executive Coach + Yogi + Endurance Athlete

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  1. Such a good point Ravi, esp. since for so many of us, we percieve achievement as a measure for worthiness. And I would also add that all the accomplishments that we collect are just the content of life. And the content can never fulfill us for long. The fulfillment comes through the peace of presence. Great blog.

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