Seeing The Cup As Half Full

Everything we do can either be seen in a positive manner or negative manner. There are obvious things that happen that people see as positive. Spending time with friends. Getting a big raise or kudos at work. Having fun doing a hobby you like. These are all totally obvious positive experiences. It’s easy to see […]

The Invasion That Never Was

I just finished reading a short book, The Invasion That Never Was, by Michel Danino and Sujata Nahar. The book calls into question (OK, outright refutes!) the invasionist history that most of us were taught in school. That is, that an “Aryan” people invaded India from the Northwest corridor (through present day Pakistan and Afghanistan) […]

TV Free!

On May 3rd I put myself up to a little challenge. Forget about my TV. My beautiful TV…..a 42-inch Pioneer Plasma. I covered it up with a shawl and decided I wouldn’t turn it on for 30 days. On June 13th, it struck me that I hadn’t even thought about turning the thing one….and that […]

Today’s Run – Evergreen Point Loop

A little longer than I planned. I really like exploring new areas, and now that I’ve moved to Downtown Bellevue, there are plenty of new areas to explore. Today I ran through Clyde Hill and Medina, past Bill Gates house and back along Lake Washington Blvd to Bellevue. Details about the route here.

Really Fast Post

So I’ve not been posting as much lately in part because I’ve held this idea in my mind that every post on this blog needs to be fairly well thought through, with images and stuff where possible. The process of it all has kept me from taking action. So now….I am writing this post in […]

The Simple Life

My friend visited from Portland, OR a few weeks and inspired me to take a massive step toward living a much simpler lifestyle. He has spend the past year or so as a “vagabonding,” most recently returning from a 4 month visit to Fiji, where he lived on about $10/day….and felt that he was living […]

Dalai Lama in Seattle

The Dalai Lama is visiting Seattle for a few days, as part of the Seeds of Compassion talks. Just now, they closed down several intersections outside my home (a very busy city road) to make way for his motorcade! I was able to catch a glance of his ochre colored robe as his car sped […]

Important and Urgent

Had a good conversation with my management team about our team’s focus and balance of time on things that are important (but not super urgent) vs those things that are important and urgent. Turns out we are spending a lot of time on the later. The problem with focusing too much time on important and […]