Dealing With Setbacks

I’m dropping out of Ironman Coeur D Alene. It’s a really tough thing to say and harder to write out. Many months of training are already in the bank. However, after attempting to ride and run over the past few days, my knee pain has returned in full force. Walking is painful, biking is uncomfortable […]

Weather Shouldn’t Stop You From Doing What You Love

Suited up for a 30 mile bike ride on the rocket ship. Little did I know that over the course of my ~2 hour bike ride the weather would do this crazy dance: 1. Partly Sunny 2. Violent Hailstorm 3. Torrential Rain 4. Cloudy and Dry 5. Violent Hailstorm 6.Moderate Downpour 7. Light Sprinkles 10 […]

How to Run 50 Miles: Part IV – Proper Biomechanics

Read first: Part I, Part II, Part III The third principle I adhere to is that bio-mechanical efficiency is absolutely key. You can fake it for shorter distances, but the longer you run (both in terms of distance and number of years) – your mechanics will either wear you out or build you up. Hopefully […]

How to Run 50 Miles: Part III – Muscular Strength

Read Part I and Part II first. The second principle I mentioned in my first post is that aerobic fitness is rarely the limiter of speed. Again, I’m not a scientist but just stating what I learn through my own experience. If you happen to know of scientific evidence for anything I’m talking about (refuting […]

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