Weather Shouldn’t Stop You From Doing What You Love

Suited up for a 30 mile bike ride on the rocket ship. Little did I know that over the course of my ~2 hour bike ride the weather would do this crazy dance: 1. Partly Sunny 2. Violent Hailstorm 3. Torrential Rain 4. Cloudy and Dry 5. Violent Hailstorm 6.Moderate Downpour 7. Light Sprinkles 10 […]

How to Run 50 Miles: Part IV – Proper Biomechanics

Read first: Part I, Part II, Part III The third principle I adhere to is that bio-mechanical efficiency is absolutely key. You can fake it for shorter distances, but the longer you run (both in terms of distance and number of years) – your mechanics will either wear you out or build you up. Hopefully […]

How to Run 50 Miles: Part III – Muscular Strength

Read Part I and Part II first. The second principle I mentioned in my first post is that aerobic fitness is rarely the limiter of speed. Again, I’m not a scientist but just stating what I learn through my own experience. If you happen to know of scientific evidence for anything I’m talking about (refuting […]