We Control The Meaning of Our Lives

Last month I participated in my second Date With Destiny experience. This is a program led by Tony Robbins that focuses on identifying the core values driving you today, the new values you want to live by and using this new “inner compass” to direct your life in an even more fulfilling manner. There was […]

Oprah’s Lifeclass

I have always been a fan of Oprah. I never really liked her show (the topics didn’t resonate with what I cared about), but I did like how she acted as a person. In a TV world full of fear-mongers and drama-queens she held court during her afternoon talk show hour in a more upbeat […]

Your Stories Define You

The stories you tell yourself repeatedly will eventually define who you are and what you become. It is up to you tell stories that are either empowering or dis-empowering. Empowering stories give you the confidence and the energy to follow through – even in the face of adversity. Dis-empowering stories perpetuate fear and worry. If […]

Tony Robbins Health Mastery Tips

The other day I came across some notes from from a few Tony Robbins programs I attended. As we emerge from the holiday’s and the overeating that typically goes along with it, these will come in handy to help us get back on track. Tony Robbins Health Mastery Tips: Eight Key Principles for Maximum Nourishment […]

Alkaline Diet Tips – Interview With Wellness Expert Ross Bridgeford

You are what you eat. This statement is so simple but true. I’ve written at length about the importance of eating a wholesome diet full of fresh and organic plant-based food. I’ve also written a bit about the power of an alkaline diet – a way of eating that focuses on supplying the proper nutrients […]

Tony Robbins on NBC Today Show

In a recent Today Show interview, Tony Robbins speaks about fear, how society is facing situations (war, economic turmoil) that many people have never had to deal with in this generation, and the need to condition our emotions to deal with such situations effectively. [Note: if you subscribe to my blog via e-mail, you may […]

Tony Robbins “Biography” – Old Show

I just watched the old Biography episode on Tony Robbins. It’s available on YouTube in five parts. The whole thing is a joke. First of all, it is really old and generally focuses on the outward techniques Tony uses without delving into their meaning. It’s definitely made out to make him look like a super […]

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