Don’t Waste Time Waiting Around

A pot of water does not boil faster if you stare at! At work today I ended up having to fix a bunch of things with my work laptop. I updated my operating system,  recovered a bunch of files from a backup disk, had to free up space on my hard drive when it maxed […]

Deadlines Are Good

I’ll guess that 80% of meaningful work gets done in the last 20% of time left for a project. Software bug counts drop. Papers magically extend in length with great polish. Videos are created and finished. Trips are planned. Home improvements are completed in the nick of time. That final 20% is a magical time. […]

One Powerful Technique to Get Things Done

I watched a recent talk by Getting Things Done (GTD) author David Allen. A ton of folks in the technology community like the approach, possibly because it appeals to highly structure folks and those that love to create systems and use technology in new and interesting ways. I have no doubt that the GTD system […]

Be Resourceful

We never lack resources just resourcefulness. The next time you think you don’t have enough time to do something, just consider how much time you spent thinking instead of doing. There is always enough time, money or skills available if you are willing to put aside excuses. I always am at my best when I […]

Get Back in the Groove

I have a tendency to go to extremes. I set clear and sometimes audacious goals, achieve them (at at least give it a good attempt) and then frequently fall off the bandwagon a bit as I succumb to what I call the “post-goal blues.” When I raced triathlons, I found this “disease” to be common […]


It’s harder to be simple than it is to be complicated. Even though most of us know that having a simple life is actually one of the keys to finding happiness, it is a tough thing to put into practice. Entropy is always at play, and things seem to expand and grow to fill up […]

5 Tips For More Energy

People ask me all the time about what I eat (since I am Vegan) and what kind of smoothies I drink and why. Most people ask me these questions because they want to loose a few pounds or gain some strength, but in almost all cases I think the real motivation for the question is […]

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