Just Do It

Just do it. I really like that slogan. Say what you will about Nike…. When you are on the fence, non-committal, waffling and not sure if you should or shouldn’t do something, just committing and trying it out (in my own experience) is the best approach. Only by committing and just doing it will you […]

5 Tips For More Energy

People ask me all the time about what I eat (since I am Vegan) and what kind of smoothies I drink and why. Most people ask me these questions because they want to loose a few pounds or gain some strength, but in almost all cases I think the real motivation for the question is […]

How to Keep Your House Clean

I am a big fan of not creating problems that I will need to solve later on. I do not love cleaning, but I do enjoy a clean home. The best way I’ve found to keep my house clean is to not make it dirty or messy in the first place! This sounds incredibly intuitive […]