How to Run 50 Miles: Part II – Beyond Pure Fitness

Read Part I Here. I’m going to expand on the first principle I stated in Part I, that I think the outcome for endurance events are more driven by factors beyond raw fitness than of fitness itself. Nutrition, mental focus, pacing, gear and other factors are just as (if not more important) than how high […]

How to Run 50 Miles: Part I

I’ve never ran 50 miles in one go before, but will at the Copper Canyon Ultra a little over a month from now. The approach I’ve taken to building up to this race is very unconventional. Most running programs are linear in nature. With base miles building and long runs (bi-weekly) building up to a […]

The North Face Endurance 50K @ SanFran Race Report

The race description lived up to it’s billing as a ridiculously challenging but beautiful course. I didn’t wear my GPS, but roughly plotted the course on runkeeper. You won’t find more incredible terrain than the Marin Headlands, site for The North Face Endurance Challenge. They had a 50 mile, 50K, Marathon, 1/2 Marathon, 10k and […]

The Four Hour Body: Video Trailer

I’m a big fan of Tim Ferris‘s blog and his book The Four Hour Work Week. Here’s a trailer for his new book (to be released this month), The 4–Hour Body. Enjoy. [youtube=] Over at The Huffington Post, they have a link to this video, along with a poll asking for reader opinions on the […]

The Secret to Running Super Long Distances

Here it is. It’s a hidden secret that few people put into practice. It’s the trick to going long in any sport…but works super well for running. I’ll give you this priceless secret for free. To run long distances, all you have to do is: Get off your couch. Put on your shoes (unless you […]

Epic5 – When One Ironman Just Isn’t Enough

As if one Ironman wasn’t enough, these two ultra-endurance athletes did 5 Ironman-distance efforts over five days on five different islands in Hawaii in May 2010. Jason Lester and Richard Roll are also fueled by 100% plant-based nutrition. I like seeing people performing at a super-high level on vegetarian or even vegan diets. It just […]

So you think you are crazy?

It is inspiring to see people pushing the boundaries of what is possible, even if these guys are totally insane. Enjoy – then get out and start training! Trailer for First Ascents Series [youtube=] Real-life Spiderman [youtube=] Free-Base Jumper & Slackliner Dean Potter [youtube=] Ueli Steck’s Speed Climbing Records of Eiger, Matterhorn, etc. [youtube=]

Endurance tips

I’ve started tweeting random tips for improving overall physical and mental endurance. I’ve never been much of a sprinter but tend to do better the longer things hold out. I’ve stumbled upon a bunch of things that work for me relating to health, nutrition, training and mental conditioning – and I’ll be sharing them on […]