Running Raw

I’ve been watching Tim VanOrden’s energetic YouTube videos for a while, but just today ventured over to his website. He’s a Raw Vegan and on a mission to show that that you can achieve world class athletic performance on that kind of a diet, and at an older age. Tim is 40 years old, setting […]

Your Perfect Meal

I’m really into my blender drinks. I start out every morning with one, before work and even on weekends. I’ll add anywhere from 8-10 ingredients…a real mess of things. It’s tasty, organic, cleansing, energizing, alkalizing, hydrating, satiating and yes….I said tasty. My drinks get pretty crazy because of all the great stuff I throw in […]

Oprah’s Going Vegan!

…for 21 days 🙂 Read all about it on her blog. She is on day 4. Go Oprah! For her, it’s part of a cleanse that’s about cultivating a sense of more conscious eating. In addition to abstaining from animal products, she’s skipping caffeine, alcohol, gluten (wheat products) and processed sugar. This is actually way […]

My Strength-Gaining Mission (Final Results)

I started this mission as a 30 day challenge. Through day 20, I followed the protocol. Then, things got very busy for me at work, and I did not have the time to even get in the gym for 30 minutes twice a week. I did my last real weight workout 20 days into the […]

Seattle Experiment: Check-In

I’ve been following a HIT <high intensity training> training protocol for the past 12 days. The routine, as mentioned on Tim Ferriss’s blog and outlined in The Colorado Experiment, calls for training less frequently, using very slow reps whereby you reach muscular failure in a single set.

How to Gain 34lbs of Muscle in 4 Weeks

Tim Ferriss has another motivating post about how to gain a massive amount of muscle in a short period of time. It is almost too big a change to believe, but I’ll let you be the judge. What’s the most weight (muscle or fat!) that you’ve gained in a single month? For me: +10lbs. Back […]

Increase Your Endurance By Breathing Better

Are you an athlete? Do you struggle with breathing trouble? Are you looking to improve your endurance? Increase your endurance by breathing better! This article will describe one simple technique that everyone can use to improve their aerobic capacity dramatically while maintaining a sense of calm during exercise.

The Power of Raw Food

I’ve been on a 70% raw food diet for the past 1 week. I feel absolutely amazing. I have a lot to learn to get my diet really dialed in, but so far so good. I have no intention of keeping a 70% raw food diet forever, that seems a bit extreme for where I […]

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