How to Finish What You Start

Do you find that once you have set a goal, staying focused on it is the next stumbling block? I used to be like that. Then I realized that when I got clear on WHY my goals mattered to me, I was more likely to follow through on them. It also pays to keep your list of goals to a short number.

How to Transform Your Life

Transforming your life does not require massive action or big goals. It requires steady and methodical progress. If you have set big and lofty goals for the new year, that is ok. Just remember that it is the daily actions that will slowly but inevitably create the big change you are looking for. Just like […]

Setting Goals

The presence of a goal is more important than the substance of that goal. Goals drive focus and a heightened sense of awareness. They provide a context for cause and effect between your actions and outcomes. They start the process of moving toward something worthwhile. I’ve found that the presence of a goal will have […]

Best New Year’s Resolution? A ‘Stop Doing’ List

Here is a great article by Jim Collins, the author of numerous books like “Good to Great” and “Great by Choice” (which I am currently reading). Jim has a legendary work ethic and capacity to focus. He goes so far as to use a stopwatch to monitor and log the time he spends on creative […]

To The Moon

I saw part of this passage as a preface to a strategy document I was reading at work today. The bold part really speaks to me. There is no strife, no prejudice, no national conflict in outer space as yet. Its hazards are hostile to us all. Its conquest deserves the best of all mankind, […]

Don’t Be Busy

The most successful people I know don’t act like they are busy. They actually are incredibly busy by most people’s standards, they just don’t come off that way. When you talk with them you have their full attention. They listen to you. They walk in a quick but not hurried fashion. They speak clearly and […]

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