How To Advance Your Career – 5 Tips for Tech Pros

This post will teach you how to advance your career by doing a few things differently than you have in the past. The techniques I’ll discuss are based on my own personal experience in the corporate world. They are straightforward approaches you can start using today to get your career on the right track.

Difficult Conversations

I’ve had a few difficult conversations so far this week. These are the types of conversations that typically are avoided, but really have to happen. The types of discussions that can make even the most seasoned negotiator squirm. They have to happen because if they don’t, the underlying problems don’t get resolved. They fester and […]

Good Enough Is Not Enough

Good enough is rarely enough. When it comes to your customers, your family, your community,  a sport, or your own personal development – good enough is just not enough. If you are running a business, being good enough will put you out of business. In your career, being good enough will keep you where you […]

A Few Good Reads

Darri left a comment to my last post about “The Dip” asking what some of my favorite books are. This post isn’t about my all-time favorite books, but rather about books that I’ve read recently and have enjoyed. Here are five that I particularly like right now. The Dip. I just wrote about it and […]

The Dip – When to Quit and When to Stick

Source: Seth Godin’s Blog I was reading Tynan’s blog and his recent post about Seth Godin’s book, “The Dip.” I just finished reading Seth’s most recent book “Tribes” <very short and very good> so this caught my eye. So much so, that I just headed over to the library to check it out. Now, less […]

When Markets Crash Don’t Overreact

If you have watched the news at all lately (which I’ve actually been great at avoiding!), you’ve noticed that the financial markets have teetered off of their precipice and fallen into the dark abyss. I wrote a little about this in an earlier post. The Dow today was down 700 points at one point after […]

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