Five Blogs I Read

I read a ton of blogs, but here are five bloggers that I have been reading frequently of late. Derek Sivers. Creator of CD Baby. His blog is a combo of business advice for entrepreneurs, ideas for creative thinking and personal development advice. His posts are easy read and always insightful. His post about “Leadership […]

A Few Good Reads

Darri left a comment to my last post about “The Dip” asking what some of my favorite books are. This post isn’t about my all-time favorite books, but rather about books that I’ve read recently and have enjoyed. Here are five that I particularly like right now. The Dip. I just wrote about it and […]

No Malware Here!

OK, I tried visiting my blog yesterday and a warning page appeared saying that it was being “blocked by Google” due to the presence of malware (i.e. bad software that makes your computer do bad things). I checked out my FTP site and noticed a new directory had been created with a ton of crazy […]

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