Baptiste Power Yoga: Level 1 Teacher Training

Tomorrow evening I head off to start my Level 1 Teacher Training in Baptiste Power Yoga. I’ll be away for about 9 days, in the Catskills (upstate New York, near Albany) with no access to a computer. This means no blogging.

I’m looking forward to this training and whatever may come from it.

Talk to everyone when I return!



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4 replies on “Baptiste Power Yoga: Level 1 Teacher Training”

  1. HI RAVI,
    I hope you are having a blast in training…..Train hard….you will be even more of an amazing vegan inspiration in the yoga world.

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  3. Ravi,

    Stumbled across your website.. very cool!! Was there with you in Menla. Excited to see what you have to share from Level II. Have to admit I’m a little jelous. Can’t wait to go myself.

    The information you share here is awesome. I’ll be back!


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