Your focus on your own self development is one of the key characterisitcs that will determine success in your life. There are many people with goals, but are continually frustrated as to why they never accomplish them. Learning to study and develop yourself is a great way to not only reach those goals but to make you a better person overall. Here are seven reasons why it rocks to be into personal development:

1) You Have More Options

Anyone that takes the time to pour in to their personal development is going to have more options than those that do not. By continuing to learn or grow, you protect yourself against times when an entire industry may change. For example, those that worked in the automotive industry in the 80’s and 90′ probably thought that they had secure jobs. When outsourcing and technology took a lot of domestic jobs, many of those workers had nothing else that they could do. Continue to learn and grow and you will have more options when the unexpected happens.

2) You Will Make More Money

One of the great things about living in today’s information economy is that in general the economy rewards those who work hard and smart. For those that increase their abilities through personal development they will see their work skills and abilities increase as well. Many people simply come home and watch TV or play games when they get home from their day jobs. However, the person that understands personal development knows that staying motivated and learning more will lead to a higher pay day down the line.

3) Your Happiness Will Increase

People that take control of their personal development are generally happier than those that do not. This makes sense because if you are able to make all of the decisions and run your life the way you want, you are going to be more happy than those that do not have that ability. Many people falsely assume that when they spend more time developing themselves that they will be less happy because they have less time to do the things that they love. However, in the long run your happiness will increase along with your ability to make decisions that have positive effects on your life.

4) You Will Have More In Common With More People

In order to take charge of your personal development, you must be an avid reader and learner of many new subjects. With all of this new found knowledge, you will be able to relate more in depth to a wider variety of people. At the end of the day, a person’s success is usually determined by how good their network is at supporting their efforts and one of the best ways to grow an effective network is to engage the people you are around. Learning about new subjects and reading to enhance personal growth are a great way to do just that.

5) You Will Be More Financially Stable

One of the biggest reasons to take charge of your life through increasing your investment in your personal development is that you will be more financially stable. Most of finance is behavior related, and if people simply take the time to change the behavior around their financial actions they can quickly build long term wealth. Many people are intimidated by the thought of investing and paying off debt. However, those that continue to increase their personal development understand that money is a tool that we can live our lives through or can be controlled by. People that have financial stability and freedom are generally more happy and live with more purpose than those that do not. Gaining control over your behavior around money is a great first step to becoming more financially stable in your life.

6) You Will Live Longer

Perhaps the biggest benefit of taking control of your personal growth is that you will live longer. Studies show that people who live a life of purpose and do work that they love live many years longer than those that do not enjoy their work. In addition, those that take control of their lives understand the need to live a healthy life style in order to be the most effective that they can be. Instead of staying out late and eating whatever food they like, those that take personal growth seriously give their body time to rest and only fuel it with the best food possible. In this way, personal growth can lead to a healthier mind and body and an overall better life style for the person living it.

7) You Can Impact The World Around You

Finally, those that take control of their personal development understand that they can and will impact the world around them by living the most effective lives that they can. Many people now understand that in the world we live in with great technology we are no longer bound by the chains of the past. People that live all the way across the globe can impact people in other countries. Social media movements have started from a basement and resulted in policy changes for large government entities. There are many people that have changed the world after changing themselves, and you can be the next one. In order to reach your full potential and fulfill your dreams, you should start committing to your own personal development and starting treating your personal growth as the best possible investment you can make!

Published by Ravi Raman

Executive Coach + Yogi + Endurance Athlete